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Section 1: Ohhh no!! Not again!! Lightning has zapped my friend’s expensive home appliances! I have expensive equipment too! What can I do?

1.My home/office is already protected by a lightning-rod/Earthing system. I thought my expensive equipment inside my home/office was safe. Do I need additional protection?

2. I have a lightning problem with my satellite-TV setup. What can I do? Who can help me?
  • Not only equipment can be damaged by lightning but equipment users too can be killed while using improperly protected or not protected setup;
  • CAL-LAB holds the international patents for Lightning Isolators or CLLI, which has no record of failure to protect even after having sold 1,000,000 units!
  • We can help you. But you need to spare a few minutes to understand how seriously we take lightning, in order to overcome such complex forces of lightning, knowing that making your equipment & users safe is not a simple effort!
  • You may start here, by understanding our Safe Island technology, as this is what sets us apart from common surge protection devices.
  • Then, you may go to in www.cal-lab.com to find all you need to know before you select, purchase & install a suitable CLLI to create a safe-island for each of your equipment setups.
  • For a free consultation, please feel free to give us a call at any of the contact numbers listed here OR email us at callab@callab.com.my

3. Does CLLI really work? How does it work?

  • Yes, it really works if a safe-island is created correctly for each setup;
  • While ordinary surge protectors & lightning arrestors attempt to arrest the full force of a powerful strike and invariably fails, CLLI triggers an appropriate air-gap (designated components within the CLLI) to isolate & thus protect the key-components that protect your equipment’s key-components;
  • After having sold more than 1,000,000 CLLI, there is no record of failure to protect when installations were certified to have been correctly done.

4. Why is CLLI different from others?

  • While others attempt to arrest a powerful lightning strike but fail, CLLI creates an effective ISOLATION-gap that increases according to the magnitude & duration of the lightning strike. Hence, key-components that protect your equipment’s key-components will almost never be damaged;
  • Differences in technologies, not attempting to arrest a powerful strike and paying great attention to details, make CLLI positively different from others.

5. How can I be sure that my equipment is safe when using CLLI?

  • All you have to do is make sure you have chosen the correct CLLI for each equipment setup.
  • Make sure a safe-island is correctly created by ensuring all equipment in a setup draws power from one wall-outlet, via the CLLI.
  • Make sure every external connection (in & out) passes through the CLLI or combination of CLLIs, in which case, all Earth-wires or Earth-connectors are connected back to the power-CLLI’s Earth-connection.

6. Will a CLLI affect my equipment performance in any way?

  • Each CLLI is a passive-device which does not cause any adverse effect;
  • In some cases, due to the additional lengths of cables & connections, there might be some loss of data or signal quality, which is usually negligible.

7. Is there any CLLI model which is suitable for all applications?

  • No. Each CLLI is designed to perform specifically for each setup & purpose.
  • We have close to a hundred CLLI models & versions for DIY & PRO-series, used in home, office or professional applications.

8. Why are there so many CLLI models to choose from?

  • No two setups (layout, location & combination of components) can be exactly the same. Hence, each setup requires a suitable CLLI in order to ensure equipment & user will be safe from lightning strikes of almost any magnitude!
  • Each CLLI is chosen for its CURRENT-rating / VOLTAGE-rating / TYPE of cable / NATURE of signal / NUMBER of combinations / TYPE of connectors & so on.
  • Then there is DIY-series and PROFESSIONAL-series CLLI. Together, there are about 100 models & versions to choose from!
  • Having said that, once you’ve understood how a Safe Island is created, using CLLI becomes much simpler!

9. Most of my home equipment setups are already protected with CLLI. How can I also protect my CCTV, Alarm & Home-Automation setups (including Auto-gate)?

  • While what you have mentioned and installed are DIY-series CLLI, what you intend to protect fall under PROFESSIONAL-series CLLI, which requires accurate identifications and grouping as well as professional installer’s services before we sell to end-users.
  • Simply have your professional installer contact us and provide us with the necessary technical information of your setup, and we’ll be more than glad to make a recommendation.

10. How do I know which CLLI to buy for my setup?

  • Good question! With close to 100 CLLI models for almost any equipment setup/combinations, we urge you to understand how a Safe Island is created first, before choosing your very own CLLI model. Once you’ve understood how a Safe Island is created, you may start by choosing CLLI models for typical/common equipment setups here.
  • Go to www.cal-lab.com for extensive coverage of guides and advises. Please take time to understand before making a choice;
  • Alternatively, you may download a Customer-form, fill it up and email it back to us at callab@callab.com.my for further assistance.

11. What are the items that come with each CLLI purchase?

  • You get your chosen model-version of CLLI;
  • You get suitable & if necessary, connection-cable(s);
  • You get a Product Info & Warranty Card;
  • You get Leaflet 0904 – explaining our terms & conditions of sales and Limited Lifetime Service Warranty Arrangement (LLSWA) and step-by-step installation guide and conditions & exclusions, etc.
  • ll the above are part & parcel of each CONDITIONAL-sale. Do not be misled by verbal-promises, follow only the written Terms & Conditions!

12. How much does a CLLI cost?

  • Please refer to our Products & Services page for price listings of common CLLI models.
  • Alternatively, most of our CLLI models & versions have their prices listed in Buy-guide Table
  • Please feel free to contact us for a quotation or to confirm current prices.

13. Where can I buy CLLI? Is delivery free of charge? Is it DIY? (Do-It-Yourself)

  • You may buy directly online or ask for a quotation before making payment for goods to be shipped to your doorstep;
  • Delivery is free of charge only for End-user purchases above RM100. Otherwise, a prevailing courier-charge will be added.
  • You may go to our Biz-partners in Klang Valley & more near you to buy if they carry the model you wish to buy;
  • You may walk into our KL-PJ Sales & Service Center at S2 (Second Floor), Centrepoint, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
  • Our DIY-series may be installed by any competent user;
  • Our PRO-series has to be installed by trained installers who have attended our training session(s).

Section 2: I’ve heard of Cal-Lab but I still have my doubts. Can someone help clarify my queries?

1. How do I know when my CLLI is damaged or faulty?

2. My CLLI has been damaged, what can I do?

  • Please follow the terms and conditions listed in our Limited Lifetime Service Warranty Arrangement - LLSWA (found inside Leaflet 0904 that comes with every sale);
  • You need not buy a new CLLI to replace this damaged one. Simply pay a token sum specified in LLSWA to get it restored or replace-exchanged.
  • Call 1 700 81 5225 or email callabkl@gmail.com for advice.

3. What is the difference between a service warranty & a product guarantee?

  • Each CLLI is sold with a SERVICE-warranty, known as LLSWA. When an un-tampered CLLI is damaged by induced lightning strike, this LLSWA entitles users to obtain a restoration or recycled unit at a fraction of the original cost, for life (as long as CAL-LAB exists);
  • A Product-guarantee is understood to mean the product should function as it is intended to do so – but no product in the world offers a PERFORMANCE-guarantee against lightning! So, when a CLLI is damaged by lightning, you pay a token sum!
  • In the case of CLLI, as long as it functions normally, it is considered normal (not faulty). Because its purpose is also to provide protection from damages from lightning, this can only be achieved by making sure that a safe-island has been created with the correct CLLI, correctly. If any equipment-damage is experienced, it could probably be a wrong installation or unspecified reason. Our confidence has been derived from having no record of any equipment damage where installations were certified to have been correctly installed, after selling 1,000,000 units. Please be reminded that, in no where do we provide any written promise to compensate anyone when failure to protect equipment occurs. We believe a CLLI is your best choice to achieve 99.9% safety from lightning!

4. Why should I pay RM25 for a service warranty? I thought it was Free?

  • No one else in the whole wide world, as far as we know, provides subsidies for any product-users to get a restoration or recycled unit after it has been damaged by lightning, of all things, while protecting your equipment successfully!
  • It is because we are confident that 80% of the strikes would not cause any damage to any CLLI or equipment, only 20% of the strikes might cause damages to a CLLI (but not the protected equipment). We have decided to dare-subsidize in a LLSWA.
  • The amount you are paying is NOT always enough to offset our costs. Lightning has caused damages to your CLLI that has successfully protected your equipment. It is by Goodwill that we extend our subsidies to reduce your losses (caused by lightning)!
  • Why should lightning-damages to a CLLI, which is designed to self-sacrifice, to protect your equipment, become more burdens to us?

5. What’s the difference between a lightning/surge damaged CLLI vs a faulty (manufacturing defect) CLLI?

  • A CLLI is designed to become damaged to protect your equipment;
  • A CLLI is deemed to be NOT faulty when it functions normally, the first time you install it correctly;
  • A CLLI is considered to be faulty if it does not function normally the first time you install correctly (without overloading it). A lightning surge can come anytime even when you do not see any sign!
  • Because CAL-LAB has a very strict QA-policy, manufacturing-defects are extremely rare!

6. I was told that CLLI comes with Insurance. How do I claim?

  • You have been misled! Each CLLI is sold without any INSURANCE-policy;
  • Between 2001 and 2009, some customers opted for Certificate of Insurance by paying RM10 or RM20 annually. Very few bothered to renew and even less and less bothered to initiate such CI-policy because no equipment damage has been recorded when installations were correctly done!
  • We have since discontinued such CI-policy.

7. I was told if my equipment were to be damaged while being protected by CLLI, I could claim compensations. Is it true?

  • Not at all. Whoever told you has misled you!
  • We advise you to read the written Terms & Conditions in Leaflet 0904 that comes with every sale.

8. My CLLI is frequently damaged, when nothing happens to another setup without protection. Why is CLLI so sensitive?

  • This is a complicated issue to be explained. It has something to do with the key-components in-built into every piece of your equipment, being exposed to partial-damage & weakened but not enough to explode yet, until the next strike!
  • Because we make sure the KEY-components in your equipment will almost never be damaged, we designed a section of our CLLI to trigger some components to become open-circuit to create an ISOLATION-shield long before any harmful surges can reach your equipment;
  • Each time a harmful surge arrives, the CLLI will trigger the ISOLATION-shield to protect your equipment, whereas unprotected equipment will be exposed to such harmful forces which will cause partial damage to the key-components without you noticing it!

9. Since my telephone port used to be frequently damaged, why can’t I just protect this port only?

  • Lightning protection is more complicated than port-by-port protection. A surge of lightning coming in via the power-line or the Earth wire can also cause the telephone-port to be damaged. Click here to see why.
  • That’s why we always INSIST on creating a safe-island for the whole setup with a CLLI. Partial CLLI protection is never recommended.

10. I see a green wire/Earth connector on my CLLI. What should I do with it?

  • If you are using only one CLLI in a setup to create a safe-island, there is nothing you need to do with the Earth wire or Earth connector.
  • They are used only when two or more CLLIs are used in the same setup – to make sure all CLLIs are Earthed to one reference-point at the power-CLLI.

Section 3: I thought I knew a lot about lightning protection, can Cal-Lab answer some advanced-questions?

1. If my CLLI is damaged while I am away, will subsequent strikes damage my equipment?

2. What is the main reason why CLLI works, while others fail?

  • We believe it is the patented ISOLATION-technique that ensures CLLI will work;
  • Others do not (cannot, due to IP-rights) employ the same technology but resort to arresting-method to arrest a powerful lightning surge, and thus will sure to fail, when the surge is too strong! Hence, they employ INSURANCE-policy to compensate!

3. Normally, common SPDs come with Insurance. Why doesn’t Cal-Lab adopt this practice?

  • Normally, SPDs cannot protect equipment when the surge is too strong;
  • Without Insurance, you probably would not buy any SPD. (Come to think about it: Why buy a SPD when you know it cannot protect from a powerful surge AND, spend on INSURANCE-policy as well?)
  • CLLI has been proven to work even when the surge is very strong. Hence, no Insurance policy is needed. Why waste money on Insurance policy, when CLLI can really protect equipment?

4. I have been comfortable with SPDs + Insurance until my equipment was zapped (not sure by lightning or power-supply over-voltage). I do not like the waiting and having to get a replacement for the equipment I have grown to like very much. How will CLLI make any difference in such a situation?

  • If your equipment were protected with a CLLI to create a safe-island correctly, all you need to do would be to get an immediate replacement-exchange of the damaged-CLLI at RM25, and you are back in your normal comfort-zone!
  • Because the possibility of your equipment being damaged is almost zero-percent with a correctly set up CLLI-protection, you need no replacement for your favourite equipment. No waiting for Insurance-claim that does not arise!
  • Normally, when a CLLI is correctly installed, only the CLLI will be damaged. If your equipment is damaged BUT the CLLI is not damaged, it usually is due to a wrong installation which has not correctly created a safe-island for the setup.

5. My SPD comes with RM10,000 equipment-damage compensation-claim. I have no worry when my equipment is damaged. Where does CLLI stand in comparison?

  • If you had bought a SPD because of the possible INSURANCE-claim, you probably had not expected it to work or had no-need for a protection-device, in the first place.
  • If the SPD does not have a feature to also protect the user, INSURANCE cannot make the user any safer, except that the user’s loss of life might also be compensated with money! Would it not be nice to make some efforts to protect life & equipment, in the first place?
  • Here is where CLLI will only appeal to those who are PRO-life & PRO-eco-conservation! While INSURANCE-compensation is good for cutting losses against damages that cannot be avoided, it can promote wastage and run-up cost of annual-premium, when damages could have been avoided!
  • Equipment-damages from induced lightning or power surges can definitely be avoided nowadays with CLLI! The ISOLATION-technique used in CLLI is probably the best, available way for equipment-users to survive a powerful induced-lightning surge too!
  • In comparison, a CLLI-purchase is for a performance-proven protection-device only – no spending on INSURANCE-premium! You pay a lot less for what it is intended to do – no hidden costs!

Section 4: I’m convinced that Cal-Lab Lightning Isolators (CLLI) is right for my business. Is there an affiliate program which I can be apart of?

1. Tell me more about the benefits of becoming a Business Partner of CAL-LAB!

2. How do I become a Cal-Lab partner?

For complete terms & conditions of use of our products and services, kindly refer to our parent company's website at www.cal-lab.com

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